General Merchant Pro is one of the biggest business trading platforms in the Philippines for locating distributors, wholesalers, suppliers, growers, and manufacturers in various industries. Offering a growing category of products from both local and global sellers from the food, fitness, and health, fashion, construction, electronics, furniture to the automotive industry, and more. The platform aims to provide the online market a place to trade in products from reputable and verified sellers helping them move their products and grow their business in the competitive market. 

Our Vision

With General Merchant Pro, we can create a platform that satisfies the growing demands of consumers by bringing them products that are made from quality and sustainable materials from quality suppliers. Our current focus lies in our advocacy to support existing and emerging local brands and businesses, and in seeing the potentials of Filipino products in the market. 

Our Mission

General Merchant Pro aims to build a community that supports market players by offering their products and goods from direct factories to the market with the best market deals without any compromise to product quality. On the other hand, we help buyers find direct suppliers that can satisfy their continuous demands for supplies for their business. 

Through our digital marketing solutions sister company, Googler Media Pro, we make e-commerce possible for businesses in the Philippines helping them expand their reach to audiences that need their products. We provide aspiring and existing brands the complete support to do business so they can focus more on their growth. From manufacturing, storage solutions, building their online store, brand marketing to logistics, GenMerPro will be the partner you need to start and grow your business in the market.

A Support Platform for Suppliers, Wholesalers, and Aspiring Businesses Offering Quality Products

Our trading platform is continuously open for investors who are interested in taking part in this B2B model conquest. Our team is constantly meeting up with suppliers, manufacturers, and merchants making sure they are legitimate business holders offering quality products that qualify our standards and taste of the consumers.