Looking for good quality and affordable products to sell? Be one of our Wholesalers now!

In order to sustain the supply chain, General Merchant Pro collaborates with wholesalers who work closely with retailers to match their needs through purchasing products in bulk. Together with our trusted suppliers, we aim to guarantee our buyers high-quality products by partnering with reputable wholesalers who are capable of supplying goods to resellers and buyers who order products in large quantities.

The wholesalers we accept must all comply with our stern screening process for us to ensure that the partners we work with are legitimate to operate their business and the products being traded using our platform are safe and of high quality.   

Wholesaler Accreditation

To ensure that our partner wholesalers are legitimate business holders, we require our wholesalers to submit the following: 

  • Completed Wholesaler Information Sheet with Valid ID’s
  • FDA License to Operate ( We Offer Legal Assistance If None )
  • Copy of Business Permit/Mayor’s Permit ( We Offer Legal Assistance If None )
  • Copy of SEC or DTI Registration ( We Offer Legal Assistance If None )

Want to start your wholesale business with us but do not have the requirements above? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Save time and trouble in acquiring these requirements and let us help you with the paperwork. As a complete business solution, we assist in acquiring and processing your business permits so you can focus more on starting your business.

Wholesaler Responsibility Expectations

As a General Merchant Pro wholesaler, we expect our partners to ethically comply with all the necessary requirements to ensure that the platform is served only by reputable market players. This is also to maintain the integrity of this business trading platform. 

Our goal is to offer the market only safe and good quality products from our trusted suppliers and wholesalers. Thus, we expect our partner wholesalers to be consistent in providing safe and quality goods and services that satisfy the growing demands in the market. 

As a qualified wholesaler, you are expected to display sustainability and consistency in order to support the supply chain of goods in the market by providing resellers and buyers quality products to offer in the market.

We aim to establish a good working relationship with all our partners in order to create a community of traders that provides support to existing and emerging local brands and businesses so they can thrive in the market.

Wholesaler Benefits 

Through this B2B trading platform, wholesalers will get to have the following benefits: 

  • Sell products exclusively in your area and get Resellers to get your products moving in the market.
  • Create your own product line with a range of products we offer that are available for Rebranding offered by our trusted quality suppliers.
  • Get the necessary tools and assistance to market products through digital marketing. 
  • Get assistance in finding the right storage spaces for your products if you need one. 
  • Through our reliable logistic partners, we make sure your goods are delivered where they need to be. 

Create Your Own Brand with Excellent Products Available for Rebranding

Want to have your own product line? Find excellent products ready for Rebranding and market them as your own. General Merchant Pro will help you set up your brand from START TO FINISH.

Choose from a range of high-quality product category available for Rebranding. Most of these products are food products, health and supplements, skincare, sanitation products, and more. Source out your products from suppliers who you can trust with high quality products and services. 

Our Rebranding services include: 

  • Product Development by our trusted manufacturers and suppliers
  • Label Designs
  • Packaging Material
  • Product Repacking
  • FDA ,CPR, DTI/SEC, Business Permit Assistance

Upgrade your Wholesale Business with Multi-Level Marketing   

Get your products moving by letting others sell your products through Multi-Level Marketing. Enjoy the benefits of having to sell in your area exclusively with resellers marketing and selling your products. Make your brand known by having a network of distributors to introduce your brand to the market. With the help of our digital marketing agency partner, Googler Media Pro, we’ll help you establish your brand the right way.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the complete details on how you can be one of our wholesalers.