General Merchant Pro is a business trading platform that supports local suppliers and wholesalers in bringing their quality products to the market through a platform that makes it easier for them to engage in trading. Utilizing the power of e-commerce and digital marketing, we help emerging and existing business owners set foot in the world of business by offering business solutions that help them operate. 

Yes. General Merchant Pro is a legitimate business backed with legal papers and permits required to operate. We also have an Official Receipt and a legal Business Permit for our Digital Trading Platform. All operations that we carry out under General Merchant Pro, including our suppliers’ and wholesalers’ transactions, are supported by legal documents and permits to operate.

One of our priorities is to find quality suppliers that can provide the market with good, innovative, and quality local products. We take great consideration in product and service quality, responsiveness, the ability for timely and accurate delivery, total cost, and the best overall value that they can offer the market. 

We select our suppliers and wholesalers based on their ability to meet our requirements and overall capacity to supply commodities and goods to the market. 

Prospect suppliers and wholesalers are to undergo a stern screening process in which our team conducts a thorough inspection on their compliance with operational requirements. These include having legitimate licenses and permits to operate, compliance to good production practices, and storage conditions down to delivery. We ensure that all points of operations by our partners are to bring safe and quality products to the market. 

Please see How To Be A SupplierHow To Be A Wholesaler page for further details

Our Platform is 100% Free! No need to pay to become our Official supplier and wholesaler. However, we set the conditions that you need to meet to become our official Supplier & Wholesaler.

The minimum requirement may vary and will depend specifically on the type of products you choose to wholesale. Location and area scope are also factors that will determine the number of the minimum quantity we allow to procure by wholesalers. 

You don’t need to go directly to the suppliers and your contract is between us. We will handle your orders and all transactions from the suppliers to your end. An initial payment of 50% of the total cost is to be secured for us to proceed with your orders. This is to minimize the risk of any unpaid orders. For product warranty, the replacement will be between you and GenMerPro.

Yes. All inventories are updated in real-time throughout the platform so the users will know if products are out of stock. Since sustainability is one of our goals, we continuously find qualified suppliers so that there will be consistent supplies of products to offer. Information about the products such as prices and inventories are checked and updated to display transparency to all users. 

When it comes to our products, our goal is to prioritize local suppliers as we support and believe in the capacity of our local manufacturers in terms of quality and affordability. However, we are also open to imported products if there are cases of scarcity or unavailability of supplies in the Philippines.

We also have some partner suppliers in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Our goal is to always bring you products with quality that is up to standard.

If you want to start your own brand but do not have the capacity to produce your own products, we have multiple items from our trusted suppliers that are open for Rebranding. We have available products such as food, health and supplements, skincare, sanitation products, and more from reputable suppliers that you can launch in the market as your own. If you are dreaming of having your own brand, General Merchant Pro is a great platform where you can start and grow your business.

See Start Your Own Brand page to know how.

Our goal is to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their businesses by having their own product brand. You just need to meet the minimum quantity and pay for that. We will deliver the products to you under your own brand for the price we set per product piece. The price will depend on the minimum quantity which will be discussed in the actual meeting.

Part of our service is to assist you in processing your legal documents such as DTI, Business Permit, FDA, BIR, etc. with the help of our partner agency to ease your hassle in getting these requirements at a very affordable price since we are affiliated with these authorities. So you don’t need to worry anymore.

Deliveries are made by our trusted logistics partners which can get the products from our supplier’s warehouse and deliver them straight to the buyers. We make sure all goods are delivered safely, ensuring safe and proper handling are carried out to avoid any compromise to quality. 

We can help you save time and cost in finding safe and secured storage spaces for all of your products. We have partners in the industry that provide self-storage unit rentals which you can store for up to 5K tons and are equipped with 24/7 access and security, CCTV cameras, climate and fire control, regular pest control, and freight elevator all to keep your products safe and quality-maintained until they are sold and delivered. 

If you are interested and want to know more on how you can become one of our suppliers and wholesalers, please check the suppliers and wholesaler page on our B2B page section. Fill up the form and we will get in touch with you to set a formal meeting to discuss more of the details.