Are you a local manufacturer who wants to expand your business and save time finding wholesalers and distributors?

Become one of our Suppliers now!

As a trading platform, we engage and collaborate with certified quality suppliers to help us meet the needs of our growing customer base. We aim to guarantee our customers only with the best supplies of high-quality produced commodities by ensuring that the suppliers we partner with qualify the supplier standards and are capable of helping us reach our sustainability goals.

We aim to support local suppliers by helping them expand their business reach and by adding value to their products as we believe that Filipino products have so much potential to offer both the local and global markets.

Supplier Accreditation

To ensure that our partner suppliers are legitimate business holders offering quality products that satisfy consumer standards, we require our suppliers to submit the following: 

  • Completed Supplier Information Sheet with Valid ID’s
  • FDA License to Operate 
  • Copy of Business Permit/Mayor’s Permit
  • Copy of SEC or DTI Registration
  • Cold Store/ Warehouse/ Storage Inspection Audit (Site inspection by our team) 

Supplier Responsibility Expectations

As a General Merchant Pro supplier, we expect our partners to ethically comply with all the necessary applicable laws and business policies to ensure that all operations connected in this business model are legal.

As a business trading platform, we aim to offer the market only quality products from our trusted suppliers. Thus, we expect our partner suppliers to deliver consistency in providing quality products and services that help exceed consumer expectations by ensuring that safety and quality standards are met. 

We select suppliers that are capable of offering the minimum supply requirement for the products, keep up with the demands and challenges of the local and even the global markets, as well as those that can help the platform achieve its sustainability goals. 

As your market partner, we aim to establish a good working relationship with you; the kind that supports growth improves quality and productivity, and one that is open for negotiation that benefits market players to help promote fair trading in the market. 

Supplier Benefits 

Through this B2B trading platform, suppliers will get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get your products moving in the market by offering them to wholesalers, distributors, and buyers who order products in bulk.
  • Depending on the products you offer, get exclusivity in supplying goods in your area offering you a competitive advantage in the platform. 
  • Offer your products for Rebranding. 
  • Get the necessary tools and assistance to market your products through digital marketing with the help of our digital marketing agency partner, Googler Media Pro. 
  • Get assistance in finding the right storage spaces for your products if you need one. 
  • Through our logistic partners, we make sure your goods go where they need to be with no compromise to quality.


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