Linen Spray

Feel and smell the freshness in your room by spraying our linen spray that instantly lifts your mood in every spray.

OPEN FOR REBRANDING ( For Wholesale Only direct from local manufacturer )

Invigorate your senses and drift off to dreamland with these ultra soothing linen sprays perfect for any room and fabrics. Turn on your mood for relaxation when you spritz our linen spray all over your room, on your bedsheets, couch, pillows, towels, clothes, and carpets, and instantly get lifted with the scents that smell just heavenly.

Available in different captivating scents:  

  • White Tea & Ginger
  • Tree of Life Olive
  • Fresh Bamboo
  • Ginger & Grapefruit Sensation
  • Lavender Note
  • Winter Frost
  • Gingerbread

Available in 250mL Mist Bottle

*** This product is open for REBRANDING. Send us a message to know how you can start your own brand.

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