Paper Plate

High-quality disposable paper plates available in White, Laminated, and Silver varieties.

Purchase high-quality disposable paper plates available in various forms and sizes. Our paper plates are made from environmentally friendly paper-based materials that are safe for discard after use. Perfect to be used for casual dinners, picnics, and any events.

Available in :

5 1/2″ Round Small – White, Laminated, and Silver

7 1/2″ Round Big – White, Laminated, and Silver

9″ Round Big – White, Laminated, Silver, and Brown

5 x 5″ Square Small – White, Laminated, and Silver

4 x 7″ Square Rectangular Small – White, Laminated, and Silver

Our paper plates are available in different varieties that are perfect for any type of food — for moist or juicy salads, oily food such as meat dishes, desserts, etc.

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